For Short Children
AKA Kids

You asked for it… Well, maybe you didn’t, but no matter anyhow! Don’t be swaddled with clouds, if you get this one you'll be famboozled and delextrated and gasp for more. Then you can officially ask for it after the fact by clicking below * and everyone will be honkeydorry.

Oh, you can read these poems anytime you want on-line for free, (just click here), so why download them? Good question. Perhaps so your mom or dad can print them out and you can have something like a real book to feel and actually turn the pages and wear out and call your own.
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Get your own rip rollicking rhymes for rascally children Cd and listen, listen, listen until your ears fall off and dance on the floor. Full of laughter and spiritual seeds of Love that just might grow beautiful plants in your heart.
Now, for the very first time in all the world,
The scampishness of Christ at last revealed! What hodungery, and flipitipicy. What laughter and seeing inside things as the Lord Himself has a hilarious time with a bunch of ragamuffin children up in the brown fields of Galilee.

As the Lord Himself once said, "Beware of those who make the way of life so serious that little children don't summersault and laugh." (Well, something like that.)
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For a limited time download a fully illustrated E-book,
"And The Young Shall Lead Them,"
by Blake Steele that teaches young people how to activate their natural ability
to heal with their hands. A truly Life-changing journey!
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