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The Goal of Seeds of Love:
to freely Bless people all over the world.

It is the goal of this project to freely bless people with little remembrances of Love and beauty: to lift people's hearts and bring hope.

If you have experienced a Seed of Love and it has touched your heart, please pass it on. How many people do you know who could use a touch of Love? Simply copy and paste this link in an email to them.

Seeds of Love

And why not also take a moment to tell them you are thinking of them and wish them all the happiness in the world. As wise people have often said, it is simple human kindnesses that counts the most.

Please Pass It On       Thank You!

Another Great Blessing

Before you go, please take a look at a very special store with lots of prancing, dancing resources, most of them free, for children and adults to grow and grow in Love and happiness.
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Seeds of Love's sister sites
Free on-line resources full of Love, wisdom and inspiration.

Being Loved
The Inner Healing Center
One Fresh Minute
The Wild Christ

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