Getting Clear

There are certain fundamental things regarding human happiness that should be taught to every child in school. Life really does work in astonishingly wise and simple ways. In fact, it is the same basic principles of life that have brought Love and happiness to human beings of all times and in all cultures. It is these basics of human happiness that are made crystal clear though this powerful and practical workbook, Getting Clear.

Written for Your Heart

This downloadable full color workbook is written for your heart, that part of you that recognizes what is real. It is impossible to write books for the mind that people of all cultures and beliefs will appreciate—but the heart is a different place. The deep heart of every human being has the same qualities: it recognizes what is real and is drawn to it. There is a deep, “Yes, that’s true,” in every one of us. We call it our intuition.

Simple Style

The style of this book is simple, full of colorful illustrations and liberating things to do. It is child-like and playful just so it can slip into your heart—but don’t be fooled by its simplicity for it holds the power to liberate your life into deep happiness, mental clarity and this wonder we call Love.

It covers all the most important aspects of life, from birth to death, bringing clarity, insight and a deep sense of what is true that is true to your deepest truest self.

Why Get It?

Because your happiness is important, not only for you, but for everyone you know and will ever meet.

Each one of us can contribute to the growth of true Wisdom and Love in the world. And as you embrace your call to grow in Love and peace of heart you naturally become part of a grassroots shift towards a world full of more Love and happiness.

This is the only way real peace can come.

How Much Does it Cost?

A wise man once said,  “The secret of success is to give people far more value than what you ask of them.

In America a fair market value for a 53 page, fully illustrated color workbook is easily between $18.00 and $35.00.

Why Free?

Because the goal of Getting Clear is to increase human happiness by communicating universal principles applicable for people of all cultures and beliefs it is important that it is affordable all over the world. Well, free is affordable.

If you feel this is a real quality publication and are blessed to easily afford to pay something you can give a donation. Thanks!
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