Welcome to One Fresh Minute, a quick audio break to refresh your body and soul. With both spiritual meditations and relaxing nature sounds to choose from, they are perfect to relieve stress at the office or home. Take a deep breath, put on your headphones and give yourself One Fresh Minute to breathe.
Listen to one then come back when you need another break. Or kick back, put up your shoes and listen to them all. Remember, if each of us comes to peace, we will have a world of peace!
A Golden Love Loving You
Laughing Water
Sounds Only
The Great and Beautiful Thing
I Do Not Ask
Ocean Surf and Bells
Sounds Only
God of Life and Beauty
Creek and Chimes
Sounds Only
Sea of Love
The Spirit is Fresh and Free
Garden Sounds
Sounds Only
Limitless Love Loving Me
Expanding Vision of God
One Fresh Minute is a free service offered to by Blake Steele to give you peace. When you have more than a minute, visit the One Fresh Minute affiliated sites for much free inspiration and tools to help you grow in joyous Love and freedom.
For a limited time download a free fully illustrated E-book: And The Young Shall Lead Them, which teaches young people (of all ages) how to activate their natural ability to heal and bless with their hands. A truly life-changing journey!
Hear the passion of Blake's Wild Words Poetry on BeingLoved site:
God's Skin. 20 second sample.
Beingloved: A celebration of Love and beauty through photos and art, audio recordings and poetic writing. Inner Healing: Lots of
inspiration and on-line spiritual workshops to help you grow full of Love and free.
Seeds of Love: short
inspirational videos and audios to email to your friends.
Wild Souls Workshops:
Unique journeys deeper
into Love and freedom. 2014: Sailing in Canary

The Wild Christ:
A poetic celebration of the Aramaic Jesus and Universal Christ that
no-one owns.

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